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    Langfang KIR Mechanical & Electrical Parts Co., Ltd. Is a private enterprise with owned import–export rights.
KIR's roots in the mortorcycle industry go back to its founding, in 1997, as the Yuandi (Hebei) Industry Group Co., Ltd., with more than 400 staffs, total capital of 120 million RMB and plant area of over 20,000 square meters. 
Long a leader in quality, fuel economy, and versatility, today KIR manufactures motor spare part such as CDI unit, ignition coil, voltage regulator, magneto, magnetic coil etc. and other body parts, including the main facility at the Science and Technology Industrial Park of motorcycle parts at Dongfu, Dacheng.
KIR is the one of the largest professional motorcycle parts manufacturer in China, and currently exports to 20 countries worldwide. All KIR plants use the latest technology for the engineering and production. Since 2000 KIR has been officially accredited for ISO-9002 quality in manufacturing, KIR is committed to maximum customer satisfaction and constant innovation, making use of the most advanced CAD/CAE tools to bring superior engineering and developing to our products. 
KIR is dedicated to building the brand's reputation and market share through superior value, frequent new product introductions, strategic industry partnerships, and excellence in dealer network support. 
KIR has a reputation and expertise gained through over 15 years in the Chinese power sports industry. 
An ever-expanding dealer network currently serves the whole world. Dealer inquiries are invited.